Typical Saturday-Part 2

Here is part two of our eventful Saturday. After breakfast, we all took a ride up to Harriman State Park-to eat some more. But this time, we weren’t just cooking potatoes, eggs and bacon over a fire like we usually do- we decided to cook up a gorgeous four pound beef top sirloin. It was the best tasting beef I have ever had. And the best part was that we seasoned the beef simply, just coarse ground pepper & salt, garlic powder and fresh rosemary from my garden; all cooked over a fire. My mouth is watering right now as I am writing this. I don’t know what else to write so I will just let these pictures explain everything. Enjoy!!

Jake starting the fire!

For the rosemary, to make sure it really stuck into the beef and flavored it as much as possible, we stabbed holes into the meat and put the rosemary leaves in there. Next time, I also want to put pieces of garlic cloves in there. 

I cannot even tell you how amazing it was to be outside at a beautiful place, roasting meat over a fire and enjoying God’s creation.                  Above: Jake re-seasoning      

It was so hard holding back from that meat over the fire. Just seeing the fat sizzling up and watching it form a crust (or as I like to call it ‘bark’), it was so tempting. We took the temperature multiple times during the first hour (knowing that it would take over two hours to cook-we were so impatient), just hoping and praying it would magically reach the temperature we were shooting for.

                         Finally, after waiting so patiently for two and a half hours… The Beast was done. We did let it rest for a few minutes, just so all the juices could get the chance to soak back into the meat. 

The perfect bite

Speaking of the juices-they made an incredible gravy to go over the meat. They were as black as night and full of flavor. They tasted like a mix between Worcestershire sauce, soy sauce and smoke from the fire. 

The best part about eating this meat was enjoying it with a beautiful view! Next time we go hiking at Harriman, we plan on brining a Pork Butt and cooking that over a fire. That will be the next adventure 🙂              


And yes, we devoured it


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