Make Your Own Vanilla Extract

When I first learned how to do this, I was overly excited. Who would have ever thought how simple it is? I haven’t bought vanilla extract from the store in months! Okay, I know, vanilla beans are pretty expensive, but it is so worth it for the amount of vanilla extract you get…and it lasts for a long time!! Also, whenever you need a vanilla bean, just take one out of the bottle to use.vanilla1

It is so easy do to and I encourage you to try it. Here’s how:

1 bottle: Vodka

5-6 each: Vanilla Beans

That’s it.


1) Take the vanilla beans and cut just a little slit in them. This will help to release some of the seeds into the vodka and give it a lot of the flavor & the color. But, do not make the slit too big where all the seeds will come out, you still want to get use out of the whole vanilla bean.vanilla3

2) Place each vanilla bean in the vodka bottle. Close the bottle and put in a dark place (cabinet, etc) and let it sit for a few months. Every couple of weeks, give the bottle a shake so everything gets moved around. The color will turn into a nice dark brown. When you open the bottle, it will lose its vodka smell and only have beautiful vanilla scents.

Now, you can use your own vanilla extract in all your baking! Try it out!



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