Sunday Funday & Jake’s Birthday!!

We had an awesome weekend!! Baking all day on Saturday & Jake’s birthday celebration on Sunday. Something that is really important and fun to me is making a birthday cake that someone requests. I’ve done this for many people on their special day and it is so great seeing someone’s smile when the cake comes out.

Well, Jake had a very simple request for his birthday yesterday-chocolate mousse cake. Not just any chocolate mousse cake. The CIA’s chocolate mousse cake that was sold in our school’s cafe. To me, it was a pretty simple cake to put together. Nothing too crazy-flourless chocolate cake, chocolate mousse, chocolate glaze and cacao nibs. I’m so glad I got my hands on that recipe before I graduated. This is a dessert that is a favorite in our family. And I don’t blame them-it’s delicious and a chocolate lover’s dream.

The steps to making this cake are pretty simple.

1) Make the dark chocolate mousse: The mousse consists of eggs, sugar, dark chocolate and heavy cream. The eggs and sugar are heated gently over a double boiler while whisking constantly. It is brought to 140 degrees to kill off any raw egg. The egg mixture is heated over a double boiler to prevent the eggs from scrambling. If you were to cook it directly in a pot that would happen. IMG_1001

2) The chocolate is melted, cooled slightly and then added into the egg mixture. This entire mixture is cooled before folding in the whipped cream. *Use the best chocolate you can find. I like using a combination of E.Guittard’s bittersweet and semi-sweet chocolates.*

3) Once the mousse is ready, I poured it into a round glass bowl that was lined with strips of parchment paper. Then, I froze it. The reason why I lined the bowl with parchment was to make it easy to release from the bowl. Once it was completely frozen, the mousse was released from the bowl.IMG_1005

4) Next, was baking the flourless chocolate cake layer. It contains egg yolks, sugar, semi-sweet chocolate, butter and egg whites. Melted butter and chocolate are combined with whipped egg yolks and sugar. A basic meringue is made with egg whites and a little bit of sugar. The meringue is folded into the chocolate and egg mixture. I baked this off  in a 9 inch pan. The layer came to be about 1/2 inch thick. It was cut to be the same size as the flat part of the chocolate mousse and was placed there. IMG_1012

5) The glaze was my favorite part. It was super shiny and stayed that way. It was made with heavy cream, water, sugar, cocoa powder and gelatin. The first 4 ingredients were heated in a pot while whisking constantly. After about 15 minutes, the mixture was thickened and reduced by about 1/3. Then, the hydrated gelatin was added in. I then strained the glaze and cooled it to 100 degrees.

6) This part was so fun. I transferred the cake to a wire rack that was on top of a plastic wrap covered sheet pan. The glaze was then poured over the cold cake. This part takes one fast move. If you spend too much time pouring the glaze over the cold cake, it will not be smooth and sleek. Once the glaze is on the cold cake, it’s there for good. There is no going back and fixing it!!  IMG_1017IMG_1018

7) I transferred the cake to a clean cake board and covered the edges with ground up cacao nibs. *Cacao nibs are absolutely delicious. They are small, broken up pieces of cacao beans (the bean is fermented and roasted), which are used to eventually make chocolate. They are not sweet at all, crunchy, bitter and SO GOOD!!*

Perfect mirror!
Perfect mirror!


IMG_10308) The finished cake was kept cold, but taken out about 30 minutes before serving just so it could have a chance to get to room temperature.

This cake is so light and is perfect when having a chocolate craving!! Everyone had 2 slices of cake! I never have 2 slices of cake, but this was an exception!

Jake serving up his cake!
Jake serving up his cake!

What a successful weekend- Jake had a great day and it was made even better when the cake came out!

If you would like any of these recipes, don’t hesitate to email me!



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