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Abner’s Photoshoot

*WARNING* This is not a food post!!

I’m a little obsessed with Abner, as you can tell. I mean, she’s like my first born child so naturally I’m a little bit of a crazy dog mom (hopefully there are others​ out there like me!😛). 

Anyways, I’ve been wanting a really nice camera for awhile now, or as I call it a “professional camera.” My husband, Jake was  nice enough to go out this weekend and buy us the one we’ve had our eyes​ on. It’s been so much fun playing around with our camera and of course, we are using Abner as our model! 

Here are some of my favorites and thoughts from Abner: 

“Ugh mom, really??!! I didn’t have time to go to the nail salon this weekend. Please don’t post this…. Just send it to Grandma and Grandpa” 

“Yeah, I know I look good. This jacket really shows off my figure.” 

“OMG, wait…is my nose running??!”

“Seriously guys, I’m yawning. Can this wait?”


“Did I blink? Can I look?” 

“Mom, I’m a little worried about you….”

” But I just can’t help it. I must kiss and slobber all over you!!!!”

“Okay, I’m over this. Leave me alone ✌️”

-Cara and Abner 

12 thoughts on “Abner’s Photoshoot

  1. Love Abner; what kind of dog is she : )? I see some hound and her colors are beautiful! Thanks for sending : ).

  2. hilarious. do you know that rachel ray has a line of dog foods, maybe you can create dishes (bowls) of food for canines too?

  3. Hi Cara & Abner, We are Emma & Gaby from Cosmodoggyland.com. After blogging for several years we are starting our trilingual magazine as part of a broader project. We have a section called Gourmpets. We are looking for people who love dogs and appreciate life to ……… , Well, you decide how our magazine could help you to spread your message, we can do it in English, Spanish, and French (for the moment 🙂 )
    If you are curious about us go to https://cosmodoggyland.com/welcome/ (scroll down to the end please) and find your place in the pack.

      1. Thank your reply! My apologies for the delay. We spent the last few weeks working on our website’s design. We did not finish yet, but the basic structure is there. As I mentioned, we are looking for people who could be interested in amplifying their voice. Our goal is to turn our trilingual online magazine into a hub for people that share our values: love and appreciation for dogs, good taste, appreciation for the entrepreneurial spirit, and the ability to inspire others. I saw that in your blog and contacted you. I don not know what your goal/dream is, but if you find a way to channel it through our magazine, we would be delighted to explore opportunities for collaboration. Just to give you an idea, we are currently talking with authors, bloggers, guest bloggers, contributors, and sponsors for some of our sections. We have different sections (one of them is cooking related) and we plan on having more as we increase the number of collaborators. However, if you find another way of collaboration that could result in a mutual benefits please do not hesitate.
        Have a lovely Sunday! Gaby

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