Summer Sangria

My family and I love sangria! We are always experimenting with different flavors and fruits that are in season to see what we come up with. I mean, you can’t really mess it up- it’s so easy.  

We made a really good one today that’s perfect for the summer time! 

When you here someone say sangria. ☝️

Here’s the recipe: 

1 bottle of white wine

2/3 cup: triple sec

About half a bottle of strawberry watermelon Seltzer or any other type of fruity setlzer

About 1 cup of orange juice

Fruit: blackberries, blueberries and sliced strawberries

A few leaves of fresh mint (optional)

1.) Mix the liquid ingredients together in a pitcher. Try not to stir too much because you don’t want the seltzer to go flat!! 

2.) Add in the fruit and mint and chill in the refrigerator. 

3.) Serve over ice and enjoy! 

Preferably near the beach or pool or some exotic island 🌴…


Aftermath of too much sangria 😂☝️

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